Selected Articles

Aug 06 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Aug. 6)

The dearth of AI skills in Japan is a frequently discussed topic these days. The government is doing its part to create an AI talent pool. However, some Japanese companies are taking the issue into their own hands. Daikin develops its own AI Talent Pool (courtesy of Reuters). Please note we will...
Sep 03 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Sept. 3)

Firstly this week I am delighted to welcome Atsushi Hirayama to our team. Atsushi joins us with a wealth of experience in the Securities Sector having worked for the last 20 years at Mizuho Securities. Prior to that he worked at Mitsui Trust and Banking and Japan Bankers Trust. His work at Mizuho...
Sep 30 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Sept. 30)

I hope you are continuing to enjoy the Rugby World Cup. The quality of Rugby being played is excellent and truly world class and a joy to watch. Congratulations to all the teams playing in what are still quite humid conditions. This morning I attended World Investor Week 2019 Opening Ceremony and...
Oct 21 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Oct. 29)

One article to highlight this week on the important topic of financial crime and cybersecurity; an interesting perspective from McKinsey on “ Financial crime and fraud in the age of cybersecurity ”. To the Japanese RWC 2019 team and supporters. A mix of commiserations at losing on Sunday but...
Oct 16 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Oct. 10)

Last week was major conference week in Tokyo. I attended two/three. Developments in Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Markets - Japan and Asia held by the JSDA & ICMA. I understand 600 people attended this extremely popular event. Lots of interesting panels on different types of Green Bonds...
Oct 07 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Oct. 7)

One thing this week on the technology theme. An interesting article published a while ago now. What Does The Future Hold For AI? Five Predictions . What do you think? I thought the difficult to explain aspect could be a serious issue in financial services and one which regulators may not be happy...
Sep 24 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Sept. 24)

I hope you had a relaxing three day weekend. This week I wanted to highlight the UN Climate Action Summit and Youth Climate Summit over the past few days. The young climate activist, Greta Thunberg's impassioned words demonstrate bravery and wisdom beyond her years. Standing up and speaking on a...
Sep 09 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Sept. 9)

I hope you and your family in Tokyo are safe and managed to get through the typhoon and public transport disruption today. Unusually, no links from me today. One update. The Secretariat senior team spent most of this afternoon (and will also spend tomorrow morning) at the Financial Services Agency...
Aug 29 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week

I hope you managed to take some time out to rest from the August Tokyo heat and humidity. It seems that from mid-September onwards the weather may start to be kinder. Three articles to highlight this week. On Workstyle Reform ; Workations' offer overworked Japanese a way out of the office. McKinsey...
Apr 26 2019

10-day Golden Week Holiday Announcement

Notice In observance of the end of the Heisei era and the celebration of the New Emperor’s Accession to the Throne, IBA Japan will be closed throughout the extraordinary 10-day Golden Week Holiday, from Saturday 27th of April until Tuesday 7th of May . For your understanding, thank you. IBA Japan