Asia-Pacific Economic Outlook 2015

Event Report

Paul Gruenwald, Chief Economist for APAC at Standard & Poor`s gave a presentation on the major challenges that may impact growth in Asia.


Mr. Paul Gruenwald, Managing Director, Chief Economist APAC, Standard and Poor`s Ratings Services.

Asia Pacific is a key market for Japanese business and also for domestic and foreign financial institutions in Japan. This presentation will look at some of the major themes and challenges which might impact on growth in the region including:

  • Aging populations and the impact on local and regional economies and policies in key Asian countries including Japan, Korea and China
  • Disinflation and global low interest trends.
  • Oil volatility-related issues.
  • The impact of FRB normalisation policy on emerging economies.
  • And risks to China`s banking system if Chinese property developers default.

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