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Apr 07 2020

IBA Japan Press Release Regarding COVID-19

IBA Japan Press Release; Foreign Financial Institutions remain fully committed to Japan and to implementing Covid-19 containment measures. Japanese and English. Joint Statement of the ACCJ, ANZCCJ, BCCJ, CCCJ, EBC, IBA JAPAN on urgent fiscal countermeasures to combat the economic impact of Covid-19...
Nov 18 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Nov. 18)

FSA Policy Our discussion on FDI with MoF and FSA continue. We submitted a brief letter that endorsed the comment letter prepared by SIFMA, responding to the OECD Secretariat Proposal for a “Unified Approach” under Pillar One (Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy)”,...
Nov 11 2019

Secretary General's Highlights of the Week (Nov. 11)

FSA Policy We continue to work with MOF, METI and FSA on the FDI issue regarding, exemptions and clarifications as they start to develop the lower level ordinances. Particular areas of discussion that require clarification includes Sovereign Weath Funds, Overseas Pension Funds and Custodian...