Past Events

Digital transformation for financial services firms: key indicators and industry growth trends - MARKET TRENDS SERIES

Mr. Shafqat Azim, Managing Vice President

Mr. Nicolas Tollie, Managing Partner

Gartner Japan

Many innovations have emerged in the past few years which have used new technologies to improve banking operations on both corporate and retail services. Faster digital platforms for client background checks, AML, settlements and other processes made possible for financial transactions to become increasingly simpler and faster.

These innovations are pushing traditional financial services players to change their structure and facilitating the market entry of new players.

Experts from Gartner Japan will present their views on the current state of play of digitalisation in the financial services industry. Topics will include:

Key drivers for banking digitalisation.
Expenditures benchmarking, key development areas and current state of the industry.
The Competition between traditional firms and fintech players.
Regulatory trends for digital operations.
Best practices for digital and IT transformation.