Global economic outlook: Views on current global macro-developments including Japan

Paul Sheard 2018

IBA Japan Seminar

We are pleased to welcome Dr Paul Sheard who is S&P Global’s Vice-Chairman. Dr Sheard is a renown and well-respected economist, and Japan watcher, based in New York.

Dr Sheard will be giving his assessment of the current macro-economic trends and will share some insights into key issues. He will highlight some of the key emerging and pressing issues, events and players. This will include:

  • Outlook for the US economy and an assessment of ‘Trumponomics’
  • A comparison of major central bank policies, including the BoJ, ECB and Fed.
  • The outlook for the future of the EU in the wake of key elections and as the clock counts down to Brexit.
  • A current assessment of ‘Abenomics’ and an outlook for the Japanese economy
  • An analysis of the economic impact of Artificial Intelligence and the ‘productivity puzzle’

Dr Paul Sheard

Paul Sheard is the Vice-Chairman of S&P Global, having until recently been Executive Vice President and the Chief Economist. Previously, Dr. Sheard held chief economist positions at Nomura Securities and at Lehman Brothers and earlier he had been Head of Japan Equity Investments and Japan Strategist at Baring Asset Management in Tokyo.

Dr Sheard engages with a broad range of market participants and external stakeholders and he speaks regularly at major conferences around the world and his views are frequently quoted in the international media. He was a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the International Monetary System in 2010-12, and is a member of the Bretton Woods Committee, the Economic Club of New York, and the Board of Directors of the Foreign Policy Association.

Earlier in his career, Dr Sheard was on the faculty at the Australian National University (ANU) and at Osaka University, and was a visiting researcher at Stanford University and the Bank of Japan. Author and editor of several books and numerous articles on the Japanese economy, Dr Sheard won the Suntory-Gakugei Prize in the Economics– Politics Division for his book: The Crisis of Main Bank Capitalism.

Dr Sheard received his bachelor’s degree from Monash University in Australia and a master’s degree in Economics and a Ph.D from the ANU.


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