Robotics Automation Process Series - Robotics & Process Automation: an overview of the applications for the financial services industry


Mr. Paul Haggett, Global Lead, Robotic Process Automation

Mr. Ryosuke Sasaki, Partner, Leader People & Organization Practice


Digital and automatized labour, brought about by new tools, may have a major impact on the operation of financial services firms. Advances in robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence are enabling the automation of a wide range of business processes without the need for complex or expensive technology.

In this presentation, experts from PWC will set out the key issues related to the application of robotics solutions for the financial services industry. This first presentation within a mini-series robotics will include:

· Definition of robotics and current global trends for financial services.

· Possible applications of robotics in the Japanese market.

· Review of actual robotics process automation (RPA) cases and business applications in Japan.

· Key steps for robotics implementation and best practices around communication and people management in human-robot interactions.


Paul Haggett is a leader in PwC’s global RPA (robotics process automation) practice, based in London, United Kingdom.   He has extensive experience in leading RPA initiatives with global financial services companies to automate processes supporting back office operations, regulatory filings, finance and HR processes, repatriation of offshore services, etc.  His has helped global clients in identifying business benefits case, standards and governance models.   He has also developed a RPA center of excellence solution that enables clients to deliver RPA using blended resources through a hybrid operating model with proper standards and governance structure required in a financial services environment.

Ryosuke Sasaki is a lead partner with PwC Japan’s People & Organization practice in Japan.  He has over 20 years of experience in organizational and transformational consulting.   He has extensive experience working not only with multinationals in Japan but also with overseas organizations in Asia, Americas and Europe, involving Japanese top management and non-Japanese executives for change management. His projects typically relate to workforce changes brought by technology advancements, reorganizational transformation and culture change, and development and implementation of communication strategies.  Recently he has focused on helping organizations understand the implications from RPA projects.




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