Past Events

Ministry of Finance Briefing on Revisions to the Foreign Exchange Inspection Manual

Mr. Norihiko Tagawa, Senior Foreign Exchange Examiner,
Mr. Yasunori Okamoto, Foreign Exchange Examiner

The Foreign Exchange Inspection Manual will be amended in accordance with the amendment to AML regulations, i.e. the Law on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds. The FX inspection manual amendment will be announced in early March and will take effect on April 1. The presentation will focus on currency exchange business, rather than the entire manual, and is recommendable to those banks conducting such business.

Financial Markets 

Outlook for Japan's Economy and Monetary Policy in 2013

Dr. Shuji Kobayakawa, Assistant Director-General, Monetary Affairs Department, Bank of Japan
Dr. Kobayakawa discussed how the Bank of Japan views recent developments of the Japanese economy and what it does in order to overcome deflation.
In particular, the BOJ was one of the first central banks to implement unconventional monetary policy-making, and Dr. Kobayakawa elaborated on policy measures, initiated by the Bank of Japan, that are aimed at raising the economy's growth potential. He also discussed implications of BOJ initiatives for foreign financial institutions based in Japan.

Financial Markets