IBA Japan会員

IBA Japanの会員は、グローバルの金融・資本市場で活動する大規模な金融機関から、母国と日本間の2国間取引を専門に行う金融機関まで様々です。現在20ヵ国、約50社(従業員総数約10,000人)の会員数を擁しています。この他に25社以上の法律事務所、会計事務所、格付け会社、コンサルティング会社、IT関連企業など、金融関連サービスを提供する準会員が加盟しています。


IBA Japan会員

ABeam Consulting

Associate Member

ABeam Consulting provides financial institutions with a wide range of services that provide solutions to their business needs. These include: business planning and operation strategies, systems integration, business transformation, risk management, regulatory affairs, and strengthening internal controls. 

Atsumi & Sakai

Associate Member

  • Atsumi & Sakai is an independent Tokyo law firm which, in addition to lawyers admitted in Japan, includes Registered Foreign Lawyers licensed in Japan to advise on the laws of the US States of New York and California, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the People’s Republic of China, and the State of Queensland, and United States and Australian Federal law. 
ANZ logo

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Financial Group

  • Institutional banking: corporate finance, project finance, ECA finance, trade and supply chain, payments and cash management, commodity, foreign exchange and interest rate hedging
  • Retail banking and wealth management: a suit of wealth management products including deposits, dual currency investments, mutual funds and foreign exchange
AxiomSL Logo


Associate Member

AxiomSLは、銀行、証券会社、資産運用会社、および保険会社を含む金融サービス会社向けの監督官庁への報告、リスクおよびデータ管理ソリューションの世界的大手プロバイダーです。 弊社独自のエンタープライズデータ管理(EDM)プラットフォームは、データ系列(data-lineage)、各種リスクの計量化・統合支援(リスクアグリゲーション)、分析、ワークフローの自動化、検証、およびトレーサビリティを提供します。

Banco do Brasil S.A.

Commercial Bank

Banco do Brasil is the oldest financial institution in Brazil founded in 1808, with international presence since 1941 and since 1972 in Japan, with 1 branch and 3 sub-branches.