Market Surveillance Series: The role of JPX’s Market Surveillance and Compliance Department


This seminar will be held in Japanese

Mr.  Nobuaki Kurita,  Head of the International Surveillance Office Department of Market Surveillance and Compliance Japan Exchange Regulation

Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R), was established under the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and has a critical role in market surveillance and compliance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Exchange.  
We welcome again Mr Nobuaki Kurita, Head of the International Surveillance Office at JPX –R, who will give a presentation covering the following areas:

  • JPX-R’s  role and how it coordinates with other regulatory entities.
  • Overview of its market surveillance activities.
  • JPX-R’s purpose and internal organizational structure.
  • The importance of the relationship and cooperation  between market participants and JPX-R.  

Please note that this event is the first of a series of two seminars. This first seminar will set out JPX-R activities and put them in context. The second seminar will focus on specific surveillance case studies and their outcomes. (Details of the second event will be send out separately in the next weeks).

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