Webinar: Beyond Womenomics – Practitioners’ views on how to improve gender equality in the Japanese workplace.


Diversity and Inclusion

Over the last seven years of PM Abe’s leadership, Womenomics has advanced the position of women in Japanese workplaces, but much remains to be done. This webinar will feature a discussion on the impact of Womenomics in Japan and a look beyond at the ways that employers can continue to build inclusive workplaces.

 The webinar will cover the following topics:

1.     Working population is declining, Japan needs more working women.

2.     Womenomics evaluated both positives and negatives.

3.     Discussion between Nobuko Kobayashi & Heath McLeish on:

                         i.         Subtle discouragement and unconscious bias

                        ii.         Glass ceiling or the glass cliff

                      iii.         Successful maneuvering

                      iv.         What employers can do; the role of allies and mentors

Nobuko Kobayashi, Partner & Managing Director of EY-Parthenon EY Strategy and Consulting., Ltd.

Ms. Kobayashi is Partner and Managing Director with EY-Parthenon, a strategic consulting arm within EY Strategy and Consulting in Tokyo.  She is also the Asia-Pacific Strategy Execution Leader and the Japan representative for the Geostrategic Business Group. She has more than ten years of management consulting experience in Japan with a focus on growth strategy for the consumer and retail sector.  Her clients include both Japanese and multi-national corporations. Previously, Ms. Kobayashi worked as an analyst for a US activist fund as well as a senior investment professional for Mitsubishi International Corporation based in New York City. As a thought leader representing EY Japan, Ms. Kobayashi maintains an active media profile including regularly contributing Opinions to Nikkei Asian Review and appearing on Bloomberg and BBC analyzing the Japanese economy and industry. She is also a frequent speaker at international conferences including the Asian Pacific Konference (Conference) organized by the German government and the German Chambers of Commerce. Fluent in Japanese and English, Ms. Kobayashi holds a BS and MS from the University of Tokyo, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Heather McLeish, Director of Markets, EY Japan Co. Ltd. 

Heather McLeish is a Director EY Japan’s Markets team and focuses on the global business development for Tokio Marine. She connects and empowers the global EY team to bring the best EY services to Tokio Marine Holdings and their Group Companies. Heather started her career in EY Japan by helping to build the Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) practice in 2015 and was involved in the overall management, development, and market impact of this business. With clients, Heather focused on how institutional investors are pushing companies for better disclosure and reporting on non-financial risks. She brought her experience in Investor Relations to the topic of sustainability to better merge business and stakeholder interests and create practical solutions for companies. Heather has over 15 years of combined experience in the financial services industry in Asia, including advisory, strategy, operations, business development, fundraising, and investor relations.

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